Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Year

Tomorrow is my One Year anniversary over at Etsy
Really though July 2nd is only my join date, my first listing/sale was a month later on August 3rd.
It's crazy how much has happened in a little under a year. How much I've learned. How flippin inspired I am!
Still toying with the idea of a sale of sorts. Never had a sale, don't really have too much in the shop right now to actually *have* a sale. I love to stumble into shops and find they're having sales, I'm a sucker that way and usually end up buying something. We'll see ;)

:: Update...
Now I'm thinking of a week long special closer to my true anniversary :) Don't want to be a big ole cheater and celebrate early!

1 comment:

sweetmaggiemay said...

i love all the bags you've made me...
sale? did you say sale?!