Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something new... sorta

So I'm obsessed with fabric, that's clear. What you don't know is that I'm also a sucker for a gorgeous hank of yarn. And handspun, gah. Spinning is simply *amazing* to me, borderline magical.

My sister and I taught ourselves how to knit several years ago from none other than an issue of Martha Stewart Living (or Kids, can't remember, damn that Kids was a good mag though... ). Well, she taught herself and then taught me. I have the big tote full of knitted scarves, I even branched allll the way out to cell phone cozies! But I can't read a pattern to save my life so my knitting sort of stalled out. Flash forward to about a month ago. KABOOM! Looking at some yarn I had just bought off Etsy I had a bursting of inspiration...

So this is made with knittydirtygirl's Toothpaste, hand dyed 100% wool. Pretty awesome huh?! I loved the challenge of pairing fabrics with a knitted bit.

I was on a creative roll so I knitted up some more bits, this time using Noro's Kureyon. It has excellent stitch definition and crazy gorgeous colors. This time though I stitched it to the outside and wrapped it around. I love that the buttons know no boundaries, they flow right onto the knitting.

I was so happy with these that I have since whipped up 8 pouches with knitted bits. Using more from knittydirtygirl and SeeJayneKnitYarns. They're flipping awesome, I just hope I'm not the only one who thinks so ;)


Dotty said...

I love, love, love the knit/fabric combo! Well done!

saffron said...

I love it! The variety of textures is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Ta-Da! lol So, I've found my way to your blog...gonna add you to my blog roll, hope that's okay! :)