Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Randomness

Made myself a new bag :) It's rather tame compared to the bags I sell in the shop. I guess I'm feeling tame?
Oh! Check the wallet! It's so so awesome, I haven't been this pleased with a project in a long time. Drew up the pattern (based on my then current wallet from Sanrio) and it came out perfect the first time! I love how soft and sweet it is, not too big and no flippin velcro. So you may see these in the shop some day, all jazzed up with embroidery and buttons of course ;)
Can't you just see it? How cute!

Another kick I've been on is Batiks... my little stash is growing quickly! Too darn bad there isn't room on the shelves (that's right, plural) for another stack. So in front of the blues it goes! I may get a bursting of energy and photograph my ginormous stash one of these days. Though it might make you cry, Muahahaha!


MarieP said...

Hello; when do those rockin' wallets appear in the shop?!?! 'Cause I want one!

Adrian said...

Ha! I need to tweak the card slot sizes a bit, I made mine too deep and my frequent roller skating card slides down so low I have to dig dig dig to get it out ;)