Friday, October 24, 2008

Progress (?)

Remember these stacks of pouches-in-the-works? Well this is only how far I've gotten with them! Fronts and backs done, matched up with zippers and coordinated lining.

That is sad for almost 2 months! I've had a ton of custom orders and did two sets of monkeys in the middle. Oh! There are 30 bags there, 30! Why I choose to go completely overboard I don't know, can't help it :)

Next stage is buttons! Truly the hardest part because 1) I have quite alot of buttons to look through and 2) I have to convince myself that the button is better off on the cute bag than in a jar on my shelf.

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MarieP said...

That IS sad! I am ready to see the pouches! Hey, I checked out the new orange/pink argyle monkey and am trying to remind myself that I am a grown woman with no kids and I do not NEED that monkey. We'll see if my will-power holds out b/c, man, is that one cute monkey!