Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sew-In labels

I've had lots of folks ask about my labels. They are so easy to make I thought I'd whip up this little tutorial :)
All you need is a regular printer (nothing fancy is necessary), June Tailor printable fabric sheets, a program on the computer in which to create your design, scissors, and a iron.
PS I buy my fabric sheets at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon, way cheap.

I use Paint Shop Pro, I'm not a huge fan but it's what I have. These are so easy I bet you could use Paint! Any similar program would work out just fine.
First I made up my label design. I knew I wanted it to be a fold in half and sew in kind so I figured up how big exactly I needed it to be (we're talking inches here). Resize the blank image to the size you need your label.
Now for the fun part! I measure the halfway and marked it with a line. The info you need on your label's are more or less standard.
1) Business name
2) Your name
3) Website
4) Contact info (email)
In addition to all that I include
5) Where it was made
6) DOM, Date Of Manufacture

Once you are happy with your label design it's time to make a whole sheet of them. I opened a new image and resized it to 8.5 X 11, the size of the fabric sheet. Then I copy and pasted my label into it till it was full of labels. Make sure to fill the sheet but don't cut off any of the seam allowance (ask me how I know!).

 Okay, after you have a full sheet it's time to print! I set my printer to the highest print setting (usually I have it on "quick print" to save ink) and print.

Next the directions on the package say to rinse (I skip that part) and iron to set the ink. Just a quick once over using a press cloth and you're good to go. Peel off the paper backing and start cutting out your labels!

What I love about these labels is they don't fray. Now I admit I have not done hardcore tests on them, but for my uses they are the cheapest and easiest option. And fastest, once you have "designed" your label you can print off a sheet in no time.
The total cost:
1 of the big 10 sheet packs of printer fabric sheets is $25, if you use a coupon they are $20.
That makes each sheet $2 each.
I can fit 48 of these labels onto one sheet.
Each label costs about 0.04.

Not bad! Obviously depending on size you could make them even cheaper. And the not sew-in sort are just as easy. I hope this has helped!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love you for this!!! Thank you! My tags are SO expensive, im no longer able to afford them. Ive been wanting to make my own but I wasnt too sure how. Thank you!!!

-Glamour Damaged

Adrian said...

You're more than welcome Glam! I made many (costly) mistakes when I first started, diy is so much cheaper!

Melissa said...

Found your tutorial from a post on etsy...and I'm so glad I did. Just made up a set of labels and you're right - this is the way to go! Inexpensive, not very difficult, and I can make more or change them whenever I want. Awesome! Thanks so much for this!