Sunday, November 9, 2008


Check out the gorgeous yarn Rachel-Marie made me:

Grape Banana Smoothie Handspun :) It's so awesome! The yellows and purples are so bright and super pretty. And how awesome is the sweet little Moleskine?!
I'm not normally a fan of purple. It is the smallest stack on my fabric shelves. I think I have a hard time finding purple prints that are semi-grownup. I don't claim to be a grownup or anything but I figure not everyone likes glitter and flowers all over their purple fabric ;) Several months ago though I found Grape Banana Smoothie in Rachel-Marie's shop, it hit me hard!

So bright and fun! Just last night I realized why I love this color combination so much, when I was a kid I had a pair of high top Converse. They were the kind you could fold down the top because the inside was a different color... mine were yellow on the outside and purple on the inside :) If I had a scanner I'd so upload that photo.

ANYWAYS. This is what I made with my original Grape Banana Smoothie from KDG...
Awesome right?!? The banana fabric is just tooo perfect :)

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