Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello :) Don't you just *love* Christmas vacation? When else do you have time to spend hours gluing Golden Grahams on the side of a house ;)
Thought I'd share some photos of the "gingerbread" houses we made over the vacation. We decided real gingerbread is yucky so we used graham crackers, that's the reason for the quotes. We each made one, that's 10 houses total! Enough for a whole village I suppose ;)

This last one is Squirt's. Hubs made the actual house with attached garage and Squirt decorated it. We were all a little miffed at his lack of creativity. He took all of 2 minutes! Geez.

Side note: I whipped up this trial run at a coffee cuff, I think it turned out smashing :) I'm going to embroider up some words so I can make some more in true FriedOkra fashion!

And here's the one I made for Miss Rachel-Marie :) So sweet!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vacation Mode

I put FriedOkra in Vacation Mode this morning! Kind of exciting!
I'll be back in action after Christmas :)
I hope everyone has a nice relaxing break full of lazy mornings and hot chocolate.
We'll be on the road, my little sister is graduating!
Arizona here we come :)

See you all on the flip side!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Titanic coloring book and my Estate Sale Jackpot!

Two separate but totally awesome things to share.
First I found this hilarious coloring book at our local bookstore. Right next to the George W. Bush paper dolls (which I also purchased) was this little gem:

Can't wait to color in the passengers that didn't quite make it, the ones floating in the ocean... frozen like ice cubes.

Who exactly is this coloring book geared towards? 

Secondly I went to an Estate Sale today, half price baby! I found 6 souvenir linen towels (mostly London) and 4 calendar towels, each ended up being $1.00. All the calendar towels were from the year 1982...

I also scored this squirrel nut jar for $1.50!

I sorta kinda already have one *just* like it I inherited when my grandma passed. This one is in the original box (which is amusing all on it's own), could not pass it up.

And I ALSO found this really pretty piece, tag reads 100% wool, it was a whole $2.00. I know, I splurged ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Here are the bags I did for Rachel-Marie, of knittydirtygirl fame. I loved working with her photos, such a treat! I love a challenge :) The rest of the photos can be seen on my shop's Flickr!

And I finished my dad's embroideries and got them all framed. Then wrapped them without taking a photo! ACK! My brain is sort of on auto-pilot this time of year. I'll snap a couple photos when he un-wraps them :) He's gonna flip, they turned out fantastic! I ended up getting long frames and having mats custom cut with two openings, one for the embroidered piece and the other for the poem. Now my brain is all a buzz with other things to embroider...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Shel Silverstein

I wish I could write a poem about how wonderful and amazing I think Shel Silverstein is. My love runs deep, I have the little bearded man tattooed on my arm. That tattoo has sparked so many funny conversations!

Anyways, this is what I'm making my dad for Christmas! He shares my affection for Mr. Silverstein and I think these will be hilarious in his office :) I'm embroidering the illustrations and then I'll print off the poem and assemble it somehow (haven't figured that part out yet!). This first one is h-u-g-e, it'll take a couple more episodes of Criminal Minds or House to finish it up.

This one is Complainin' Jack from Falling Up....

And this is Wild Strawberries from A Light in the Attic...

Oh My! I can't wait to finish up the bags I'm working on for Ms. Knittydirtygirl, they are going to be so amazing! Her little one is absolutely adorable, I've never had cuter fabric to work with!

Monday, December 1, 2008


That went by fast eh?! I always feel like November up to Christmas is like when you get the flashy star on Mari-Cart and you start to go SUPER fast, that's me right now. I am living off of 4 hours of sleep! Woo! Let the party begin!
Last night I had 3 cups of coffee (with Peppermint Mocha creamer, yummmm!) and whipped out 3 custom ordered Mini-Zips. All set to Lost in Translation followed by Once, both excellent movies to work to because of their stellar soundtracks.
Now I just cross my fingers for a bit of sun so I can take photos! Man, has it been dreary around here lately. Fall was so short this year!
I've been chained to the sewing machine lately making Christmas presents for family, something I haven't done is quite awhile. Now I remember why! Ha, just kidding... sorta.

For all the ladies I know, may they keep their necks nice and cozy :)