Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello :) Don't you just *love* Christmas vacation? When else do you have time to spend hours gluing Golden Grahams on the side of a house ;)
Thought I'd share some photos of the "gingerbread" houses we made over the vacation. We decided real gingerbread is yucky so we used graham crackers, that's the reason for the quotes. We each made one, that's 10 houses total! Enough for a whole village I suppose ;)

This last one is Squirt's. Hubs made the actual house with attached garage and Squirt decorated it. We were all a little miffed at his lack of creativity. He took all of 2 minutes! Geez.

Side note: I whipped up this trial run at a coffee cuff, I think it turned out smashing :) I'm going to embroider up some words so I can make some more in true FriedOkra fashion!

And here's the one I made for Miss Rachel-Marie :) So sweet!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for my coffee cozy!

kawaii crafter said...

ohh,love the quilted coffee cuff, it's so pretty

sweetmaggiemay said...

RM showed this to me at my show at Building Character, and I almost fell out of my seat!!!!
LOVE it!!!!
oh, read your last post, and I see you have "once" and "lost in translation."
ok. here's the deal, just move to PA so we can all hang out together!
Maggie French