Saturday, December 13, 2008

Titanic coloring book and my Estate Sale Jackpot!

Two separate but totally awesome things to share.
First I found this hilarious coloring book at our local bookstore. Right next to the George W. Bush paper dolls (which I also purchased) was this little gem:

Can't wait to color in the passengers that didn't quite make it, the ones floating in the ocean... frozen like ice cubes.

Who exactly is this coloring book geared towards? 

Secondly I went to an Estate Sale today, half price baby! I found 6 souvenir linen towels (mostly London) and 4 calendar towels, each ended up being $1.00. All the calendar towels were from the year 1982...

I also scored this squirrel nut jar for $1.50!

I sorta kinda already have one *just* like it I inherited when my grandma passed. This one is in the original box (which is amusing all on it's own), could not pass it up.

And I ALSO found this really pretty piece, tag reads 100% wool, it was a whole $2.00. I know, I splurged ;)

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