Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stacks and Stamps

I've been a busy bee :) Cutting out backs, linings, interfacings, and flannels for some new pouches. The flannel is a relatively new addition. It makes the pouches more... substantial, I guess is the right word!

After I cut out all those linings it was time to stamp them all, that pretty much killed my stamps :( My bird lost a leg and got too much buildup in his body. Paint is really hard to get allll the way off stamps without jacking up the image.

So I spent the morning making some new stamps! I love how they turned out. The Fried Okra one is quite bigger than my last, it's so much easier to carve when they're big.

Yesterday afternoon was just crazy! It's February and we already had a major bunch of tornadoes blow through. And they slammed OKC/Edmond in the process, it's amazing there weren't more fatalities... that could have been really really bad. Seriously, there was an F2 or F3 on the ground for 10 minutes in a *majorly* busy part of the city.
Can't wait for spring, I'll be in the basement ;)


Brigid said...

I'm so impressed that you make your own stamps. I want to learn to do that. Yours are really great.

The tornadoes were crazy. It stayed pretty quiet in Tulsa. We got rain and some intense thunder and lightning, but it didn't even get terribly windy.

Adrian said...

It's really not hard! Definitely hit Hobby Lobby with a coupon to save some money. I just draw on the block (or eraser) with a pencil then go to town, remember to reverse the letters though ;)

All we got was some rain, but I have sooo many family members either in OKC or Edmond. Scary! My little sister was at UCO when it blew down the Kilpatrick Turnpike. Took the roof off the SuperTarget!

Estela said...

Look at you!! Busy busy! Looks awesome

Those storms were crazy!