Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Had a fantastic time at Deluxe this weekend! Loved meeting so many of the folks from the street team and checking out everyone's booths :)
Here's an early shot of my setup (I fixed the crooked sign) and one of the little girls from the booth across the way. More photos on Flickr...

Now I'm working like crazy to get everything leftover photographed and listed in the shop, it's breaking my heart cause it looks so sad and empty!

How awesome is this?!?!?!
She's H-U-G-E!


Brigid said...

Wow, I didn't see the sign before. That's awesome! Your monkeys are so adorable. In fact, your booth was one of my absolute favorites. Your sign is too great.

Estela said...

I loved your set up!!!
You should have yelled at me!! I tend to be blind sometimes and not see the people around me :(

Will you be doing Indie Emporium in Tulsa this fall?

Adrian said...

Well thanks!
And I totally will next time :)
I wasn't really planning on doing Indie Emporium, I don't think I'm cool enough!

Ashley&Jason Faucett said...

I thought your set up was great and it was good to see you! I wish I could have stayed and shopped around! Hope you had a great turnout; sounds like you might have if you're have to restock! :)

sweetmaggiemay said...

ADRIAN!!!! NOW how cool is THAT!!!!????????? Wow wow Wow!!!!! Wish I had seen it in person!!! i would have FREAKED!!!!
GREAT Booth!!! you really rock it out!
maggie French

Margie said...

Aah! That's my little girl looking at all of your cute stuff! I really adore your monkeys and your booth! ~ Margie