Saturday, July 11, 2009

Double Yay!

I finally got my lens back! My sweet-unsuspecting-never-done-nothin-to-no-one camera was a hit and run victim in a cat chase. My lens wouldn't auto-focus (or manual for that matter) so I had to send it all the way to Olympus to get fixed.
Now it's back and I can take photos! Woot! You don't realize how much you miss something till it's gone.

I had Marissa over at FeelingisMutual make me up some designs for new buttons! Aren't they fantastic?!?! I *love* them :)

My new print from TheBlackApple came the other day! It's so unbelievably perfect in the sewing room :) Here's the LINK

I took sooo many grumpy face photos of Squirt this afternoon, then *finally* a smile!

Which he tried to hide, unsuccessfully I might add ;)


MarieP said...

I feel your camera pain! This is why I own three cameras, not including my 8-lens lomographic (that one's just for silly-fun). I believe in camera back-up!

Estela said...

your buttons are fantastic!!
and I love your new print from the black apple!

Anonymous said...

You + your goodies are precious!