Monday, August 24, 2009

Have Fun

Turn with me to page 144 in your copy of A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein.

Have Fun

It's safe to swim
In Pemrose Park.
I guarantee
There are no sharks.

Perfect. Down to each little dot :)

And for your viewing pleasure:

Yarns by my girl Rachel-Marie, the uber talented, queen of all things knitty, and all around super duper friend :)
I am totally enamored with weaving, the texture is amazing. I'm looking forward to stitching these babies on pouches reeeeal soon ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Randomness

Just wanted to catch up on what I've been busying myself with :)

A few faceless monkeys chillin with the fabric stash. Since I snapped this photo I've added 3 more to the pile :)

Buttons! I'm head over heels (love me some Tears for Fears!) in love with my button machine. Love, I tell ya :) This was my Downtown DIY project but now that they're all done and packaged I'll have to come up with something else equally as portable. Hmmm.

Finished up this custom order, I *love* how her flower turned out :)

Working on some custom orders, playing catch up! Saving my pennies for this little slice of sweetness :)
Heather, it will be mine!

Picking up my baby in 45 :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do Over

The kids started back to school last Wednesday. I took the first day of school photos like always.

Vi was wearing the outfit she's had picked out for two weeks, it was... well... pink. Pink shirt (with glitter), pink skirt, and pink striped leggings.

Squirt was so excited he was posing like crazy. Jumps! Karate chops! Sticking out his tongue! Ugh.

And big-man-first-day-of-middle-school was a wee bit nervous. He was so quiet and barely ate anything! Those darn locker combinations.

Let's just say the photo wasn't the best.

So I re-took it this morning, before the storm blew in :)
I think they all look alot less
1) Pink 2) Excited 3) Nervous

I can get a little bossy when taking photos of my kids. Smile! A *real* smile! Your eyes were closed! No, they *were* closed!
Sometimes they get confused ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009


A week (or two?) ago I scored this gorgeous hodgepodge set of Frankoma pottery at our local Salvation Army. AND it was Crazy Days so I got it on sale! More photos on Flickr...

Not particularly rare or anything just flippin awesome! Yellow is and has always been my favorite color, it's a happy color :) And the rectangular "sandwich platters" are so sweet, I was so excited there were so many of them. I contacted the Frankoma guy and he said the whole lot was worth at least 3 times what I paid, nice!
I was super excited to see lots of fun pieces on Ebay in the same glaze. A deviled egg plate! A bean pot! Tumblers! A planter! This could get bad ;)

A big wind blew through a couple weeks ago (man, I'm late!) and knocked our woodpecker hacienda out of the tree. Thankfully they were done with the place! They've been using that same branch for at least 3 years :)
Hopefully they come back next spring, Squirts all time favorite spring activity is watching the "red headed pecker" work on his nest.