Monday, August 17, 2009

Do Over

The kids started back to school last Wednesday. I took the first day of school photos like always.

Vi was wearing the outfit she's had picked out for two weeks, it was... well... pink. Pink shirt (with glitter), pink skirt, and pink striped leggings.

Squirt was so excited he was posing like crazy. Jumps! Karate chops! Sticking out his tongue! Ugh.

And big-man-first-day-of-middle-school was a wee bit nervous. He was so quiet and barely ate anything! Those darn locker combinations.

Let's just say the photo wasn't the best.

So I re-took it this morning, before the storm blew in :)
I think they all look alot less
1) Pink 2) Excited 3) Nervous

I can get a little bossy when taking photos of my kids. Smile! A *real* smile! Your eyes were closed! No, they *were* closed!
Sometimes they get confused ;)


Heather said...

aw, they look so cute! I sorta cant wait for school sometimes.... oh, the excitement!~

Adrian said...

Exciting but sad all at the same time! Now they all have little lives I know next to nothing about!