Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Randomness

Just wanted to catch up on what I've been busying myself with :)

A few faceless monkeys chillin with the fabric stash. Since I snapped this photo I've added 3 more to the pile :)

Buttons! I'm head over heels (love me some Tears for Fears!) in love with my button machine. Love, I tell ya :) This was my Downtown DIY project but now that they're all done and packaged I'll have to come up with something else equally as portable. Hmmm.

Finished up this custom order, I *love* how her flower turned out :)

Working on some custom orders, playing catch up! Saving my pennies for this little slice of sweetness :)
Heather, it will be mine!

Picking up my baby in 45 :)


Margie said...

I adore the flower! and Fred and Ethel ~ good choice! My 16 year old was just telling me how cute sock monkeys are and I thought of you ~ possibly a special Christmas present to my girl:) ~ Margie

Heather said...

what cuteness!~

Anonymous said...

Don't take my heart, don't break my heart, don't throw it away...