Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DIY Gerbil Habitat

I've been meaning to post this for awhile. We recently upgraded from the teeny tiny gerbil cage to a big honkin condo of a gerbil "habitat". Max needed a friend and more space to roam :)
It's made from two plastic totes, random plastic bins and wire we found at the hardware store. There is a hole connecting the top and bottom, that was fun. Lots of washers, nuts & bolts, and cursing. But it works! And it's virtually cat proof! We've wired it to his dresser just in case ;)

Max, his new bff Justin is in the hut.
I did NOT name these little rodents btw ;)

Most of my Max photos look like this:

Big brave Atticus ran for Student Council last week, and WON! We were shocked :)
His posters were hilarious, so darn cute :) I'm posting the others on Flickr


Brigid said...

I am so impressed that you DIY-ed a gerbil habitat! I had a disgusting number of gerbils as a kid (30 at one point), so I can only imagine how much work went into that.

Your son has your sense of humor. I love those posters. I'm always blown away by how much your kids look like you. Also, I love the name Atticus. You all must be a fun family.

blucadet3 said...

Thats so awesome! That sign is funny.

Adrian said...

That is a crazy number of gerbils! Were you breeding them? I had mice as a kid, then they had babies and the mother ate them... no more mice!

Atticus's photos are the funniest things ever. I had a hard time not dying of laughter while taking those photos! He was just striking poses and I was clicking away :)

Heather said...

what a fancy gerbil condo!!! and look at that awesome political poster! His mama taught him well :D