Friday, November 20, 2009

Still here, still making monkeys

I am a machine. On full auto-pilot. Three band-aids on one finger. Fueled by coffee and marathon Lost. I'm definitely not complaining :) I have a totally awesome "job".

Check the little guy in front :) One of the limited edition (how fancy does that sound?!) sock monkey ornaments I'll have on hand at Deluxe. So sweet and as hubs put it... pocket size.


Brigid said...

Your faceless sock monkeys are sorta creepy, but I love the little smiles they eventually get. The "pocket-size" one is adorable! I may have to snag one at Deluxe.

Marie Pilgrim said...

No, no, not just for Deluxe! Some of us can't get there and I need to have a sock monkey on my tree! Please tell me that some of the pocket-size sock monkey ornaments will make it into your shop?

Adrian said...

I'm shooting for updating the shop on the 13th :) You might be able to convince me to set one aside for you :)