Saturday, December 5, 2009

7 Days

One week out and here is a little taste :)

I experimented a little with the traditional red heel socks before they were magically transformed into monkeys. I *love* how they turned out :)

A very OSU shade of orange (Go Pokes!) and a super sweet lavender. I am feeling a fondness for purple lately, don't know what's come over me.

Bow-Ties and a peek at one of my favorite pouches of late (see, purple!)

Jotters, super simple notepad and pen set. Patchworked, buttoned, and an elastic strap to hold it closed.

I had the notepads made by Tea & Ceremony , I love love love them :)

How fun is the first page?!? Sandra's so creative :)

And my head is exploding with all this, I can't stop smiling :)


Heather said...

i love that orange monkey! too cute. Cant wait to see it all in person next weekend!~

Ashley and Jason Faucett said...

I may have to get there first to snag that OSU monkey; but regardless I am very excited to see everything you'll have at Deluxe! See you then!!! YAY!

Brigid said...

I think I'll have to break down and buy a Fried Okra monkey finally. They're too precious! I'm a big purple fan, too.