Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long Johns and Snowflakes

Since I'm pretty much all done with my Deluxe prep I have been experimenting :)
I was going to just stitch my woven rectangles on some bags, though I really wanted to do something different with them. I was picking out fabric and all when hubs came in and said "are you making those into pincushions?". No, but that's a fantastic idea! So here they are:

They reminded me so much of Long Johns (the donut) I couldn't think of a better name, so Long Johns they are. Stuffed with a creamy white polyfil, delish!

I loved Loved LOVED last night's Independent Lens (Between the Folds). I could watch dudes talk about origami for hours :)
Sort of related, I broke out my stash of paper and cut some snowflakes for my fake presents at Deluxe. I also folded a modular star for the top of my little tree I'm bringing to display my ornaments. I forgot to take a photo so you'll just have to come see it your own self, don't laugh at my shoddy origami skills. I never get those corners just right ;)


Brigid said...

The snow flakes are adorable! Your little pincushions look like they would make good wrist rests for typing. My bony right wrist feels the pain after a day of using my mouse. I'll have to investigate their thickness.

Holly Hall said...

Your pincushions are so colorful!Can't wait to visit with you Saturday.