Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Monkeys :)

One of the many Sock Monkeys I have ready to list in the SHOP. I'll most likely get on that tomorrow so keep an eye out if you've been waiting for some fresh monkeys (ew, that sounds kinda wrong!).
Several are all varieties of pink and red, hint hint :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yarn & Coffee

Finally my days are getting back on track. I love vacation, don't get me wrong. I love having everyone home, baking yummy treats, and making hot cocoa for after snowball fights. But boy oh boy am I happy as a clam to have everyone back in school and most of my day to myself :)
I've been thoroughly enjoying my new yarns Hubs gave me for Christmas...

Nice and squishy :)
Love them all to pieces!

Our Christmas Theme this year was "On your person" which meant all presents had to be something you could wear. So he said as long as I make *something* I can wear his present passes the test.
That means I get to use the rest for whatever I want, like the Zombie weaving above :)

I made a few small square looms for weaving, and eventually making them into pincushions.

One of my "On your person" presents from my sister, can't help but think of Special Agent Cooper and his damn fine cup of coffee :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas & Carlsbad

Short and sweet with lots of photos :)

Made us some new stockings :)

Tree is looking fine :)

This is Oklahoma, right?!

Day after Christmas we braved the snow and headed to Arizona (ha! Suckers!) to see my sister and her family, my favorite furry nephew :)

This is my seat buddy. I was in charge of the DVD player :)

And bugging him with the camera :)

A stop at Carlsbad Caverns on New Years Day :)
(I told him I didn't want a goofy pose for this photo, so I got a grump instead)

My lone good photo of the cave. MAN is it dark down there! :)

Someday I should do a post on all my awesome presents (I totally scored!). I love how everyone shops handmade now :)