Monday, April 26, 2010


Dustbowl Arts Market
My first outdoors show, whoa nelly. It was so insanely windy words cannot describe, and photos cannot show... Trust me, I was holding on to that tent with all my might :)

I made this string of black and white bunting just in case I couldn't use my curtain. Glad I did! As soon as we hung the wall and curtain it acted like a sail and we could feel the tent start to move (with 40lb. weights on all four legs).

Mice & Monkeys, Buttons & Bags...

Love this :)


Marie Pilgrim said...

Oh, I so love those mice!

blucadet3 said...

How was it? I walked by but it was a ghost town and some kids were playing horrible classic rock covers. I ran away to find lunch and never made it back.

Margie said...

Your booth is awesome!! Very cute of course!~Margie