Sunday, April 18, 2010

A pre-birthday party...

My baby won't be 5 till the 27th but we had his Mario party yesterday, dang you busy April.

"Blue Velvet" jumbo cupcakes as requested. And yes, that's Red Velvet with blue food coloring in place of red... don't ask me, the kid is 4.
Awesome Super Mario Bros figures and little star cookies.
The cookies were a stroke of genius, I must say. Tiny star cutter and regular ole sugar cookie dough. The frosting was your standard powdered sugar/butter/milk recipe tinted yellow. I did make it pretty thin so I could just flip and dip, so they would be nice and smooth. After they were dry I used a tube of black gel icing for the eyes (THAT took a little practice to keep them neat). 

My technically still 4 year old and his Yoshi :)


TrishaHughes said...

Blue velvet?? What's this? I've never heard of blue velvet!

Adrian said...

Well Trisha, it's totally gourmet! Ha! just like the Red Velvet variety but blue food coloring instead of the red :) One box German Chocolate cake mix and a whole lotta blue food coloring. Voila!
We had a Red Velvet for Michael's birthday and Ollie announced he wanted a Blue Velvet for his party, since blue's HIS favorite color ;)