Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Would have preferred Donkeys but in Oklahoma, I'll take what I can find :)

I promise I haven't been spending all my time thrift store shopping. I have been busy, I swear! See, a basket full of assorted monkey bits.
I got a wee bit sidetracked with cutting up the big bunch of sweaters I had accumulated. Of course I didn't count or plan how many mice I wanted to make, just went with it. Got into the groove, went on a little Wes Anderson movie vacation and checked O.U.T.

Well, I have 63 mice bodies ready to be stuffed.

Not that I have enough stuffing for 63 mice, or enough fabric labels for 63 mice, or ANYWHERE to store 63 mice.
So they sit in a tote, empty and lifeless. I need to step back, pick a few and quit trying to be so darn efficient. I am not a mindless sewing machine.

On another note, I listed a bunch of pouches in the SHOP on major sale. It's spring!


Heather said...

woah! that's a lot of mice! at least their cute and recycled and not having babies in your walls ;) you could make some into ornaments! I'm already counting down to indie....

Adrian said...

Eeep! Yes, I'm happy they can be shut safely into a tote and don't poo in my hand :)
Ornaments would be way cute!