Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, almost a month later and this is still my view :)
New batch, well parts of them anyways. 

 Deluxe swiftly approaching in December and I am determined to not only have an *awesome* supply of monkeys ready but also be able to update any of my consignment shops if needed.
This is the plan, crazy crazy plan :) 
Not interesting. Not inspiring. Not in any way worthy of your time but I felt like sharing cause this stack is huge :)


TrishaHughes said...

Yes, ma'am. That stack is MOST impressive. Try not to make any sudden movements lest you cause an avalanche. I feel like there are a lot of misspellings in here...

Anonymous said...


Am giving Herman to Octavian tomorrow. Hoping to get another custom XMas monkey from you this year! XO