Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Stash

I've been working on monkeys non stop for the past few months and there is no end in sight!
All three of the wonderful stores with which I consign requested more in the same week. No, I'm not complaining :)
I have taken a little 2 day break from monkeys to re-organize my fabric. It's like I was going through withdrawals, just had to *touch* it!
It looks a wee bit OCD... heck I probably am a wee bit OCD.

So pretty and organized!

Like having the black/white near the Japanese/way-too-colorful-to-fit-in-one-color-group prints.

Blue is not my favorite color but I have by far the most blues...

Little foam board bolts, idea courtesy of The Little Green Bean, so genius :) Of course it looks like I'll have to buy another bookcase if I buy any more fabric.

And this is what my table looks like. Back to work!


TrishaHughes said...

OMG, I could totally walk in & shop your stash! Your family must be awed by your organizations skills! BTW, two of my friends were looking for key loops & coffee sleeves on your etsy shop!

sweetmaggiemay said...

that looks awesome! you're so cool!:)

Holly Hall said...

Drooling over the fabric, and your mad organization skillz.

scribblescrabble said...

Little foam boards! What an awesome idea.... and why haven't I thought of that?? I see a new project for this week. My fabric is getting out of control. :)