Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini Monkeys!

A handful of the Mini Monkeys I'll have at Deluxe this year

Some are ornaments (with wings) and some are just pocket sized :)

How cute would this guy be peeking out of a stocking?! Sweetness.


Marie Pilgrim said...

Ohhhhhh, I want a mini monkey! I want one so bad! I mean, so badly! I can't be at Deluxe; I'm no where near it at all! So, please, throw a mini monkey or two into your etsy shop! An orange one would be perfect! An orange and blue one would be even better! I would buy it as soon as it showed up!

scribblescrabble said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! I feel the need for one.... or ten!
You should definitely add some of these to your shop for those of us that can't make it to Deluxe!