Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post Deluxe!

Deluxe on Saturday was amazing :)
We're talking people lined up outside 30 minutes before doors opened.
We're talking selling 23+ monkeys in one hour.
We're talking running completely out of bags (embarrassing!).
We're talking more than double profit compared to last year's show.

With that said, I took only 4 photos. All before the doors opened.
All very boring:

Great booth location, awesome booth neighbors *Holla Ladies! Nikki from Gleeful Peacock and Geri from Revamped*, and all day nonstop shoppers.
Not to mention a super sweet trade with Ashley from Hook Line Sinker, score!
I didn't get to do nearly as much shopping as I wanted, missed several booths I had planned on hitting hard. Ugh! 


NOW for the folks who read this and didn't get a chance to catch the show I have a little offer :)
If you have been wanting an ornament, waiting patiently for one to appear in ye ole Etsy shop, I have one better. Email me at adrian@fried-okra.com and I'll make you a custom Sock Monkey ornament. I'll supply you with photos of the socks I have on hand and the cost is $20. Obviously the days are ticking away and there's no guarantee it will arrive before Christmas, especially since it will be a custom order.



TrishaHughes said...

Ugh, I totally wish I could crash that craft fair! It looks wicked fun! Well done on your profits, I know you are so snazzy, everyone wants some of what you got. :))

Heather said...

yay, so glad you had a great show! I was pleasantly surprised too :) your booth looked great!~