Friday, December 23, 2011

Deluxe 2011!

I know I'm a bit late on this.
The DAY AFTER Deluxe I came down with a massive cold, I think my body was in some sort of defense mode and held it off till the show was over. I'm still sniffling and sneezing but thankfully the all day sleeping has let up!

The show was a great success (as always), it just gets better and better every year. And like every year I utterly failed to get any photos of anything but my booth before the doors opened. But lemme tell ya, it was a good show! There was a letterpress truck parked INSIDE the building! There was a DJ and at one point a breakdancing battle! A free photobooth, that I completely missed! And over 80 vendors with amazing handmade wares! (This is all to persuade you to attend next years event)

Onto the booth. I changed up my look and design entirely, to go with my new branding and website.
I love it, LOVE IT. It felt like summer... in the winter :)


This is a sign I whipped up for the top of my Sock Monkey stand (plant stand). I uploaded my new logo to Spoonflower and ordered a couple fat quarters. Talk about an invaluable service!

Can we talk about the genius of the internets real quick?!? I have been using bed risers (you know the ones, come in a set of four, very cumbersome) for the past few years to add height to the table. I personally like a tall table, it's awkward to bend over to look through a sellers items. Well, I found this PVC pipe leg extension tutorial online and it worked like a charm! Easy and sooooooo much easier to store/travel/set up. The legs look cleaner and I can have cute short tablecloths! I am a fan :) 

The pennant banner was a last minute project aimed to bring the whole thing together. The fabric is a thrifted sheet that matches my logo colors perfectly. Perfectly I tell you, I did a happy dance when I figured that out. 

The gigantic pom poms in the frame buckets was a last minute idea for hiding the unsightly cement we were pretty proud of, lots of little ones wanted to take them home :) 

 The basket of kitty cats was a big hit, all but one found a home!

Miss Violet begged and pleaded to get to help this year, she made it till about one.

This is Team Fried Okra for 2011. Vi, my beautiful sister Alli, and Mr. Fried Okra :)
The matching aprons and name tags are so sweet. Seriously, I would not even consider doing this show without help and these guys are the best kind of help. They know how to make change, and if you have ever seen me attempt to make change you would understand. 

Just before the doors open, see the line of people waiting to get in... they are singing Christmas carols :)

I came away from this years show with tons of great ideas on what direction to take my little business. Expanding focuses and tweaking designs. You can't beat one on one interaction with customers to show you where you need to go!
I will be back soon after Christmas to share some of the presents I whipped up after Deluxe. Yay for remembering to take photos BEFORE they were wrapped!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The one where Adrian encourages you to go to Deluxe...

It's that time of year again!

Deluxe is on December 10th at the OK State Fairgrounds, 11-5

I have been working like mad to make sure I come fully stocked. Lots of new artists participating this year, I'm super excited as a customer. And food, there will be actual, real, good food available!

At this point I have 68 full sized Sock Monkeys and 20 pocket sized. A new personal record :)
It's going to be a great show!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Le Sigh

I need some cheering up, folks.
I stumbled across a tutorial for one of my designs, something I've been making since 2007 (whoa baby!). Copied down to the tiniest detail. Feeling hurt and not a bit flattered.

I am seriously considering not making this particular item anymore, I'm not sure this is a reasonable reaction though. It's almost like it isn't mine anymore.

I do believe that it is hard to find a genuinely new idea out there in this big world, but copying someone's style and unique tweak is apparently easy as pie.

Hopefully this bummer of a mood won't cause me to eat all the mini Almond Joys in the house before tomorrow nights candy fest.

Additional thoughts, 11/28/2011
 I did end up sending the offending copier an email.
I'm sure it was full of emotion and was maybe a tad dramatic. It's not the end of the world, or even the worst thing a fellow crafter could do to another, I get that. Sadly her reply was less than remorseful, and honestly I was hoping for a little regret or a sorry at least. So, I'm still sour and prickly.
Maybe this is a cosmic hint that *I* need to evolve this particular pattern :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

These Days...

Let's just say moving has taken longer than expected. But it's not the moving, not the unpacking or the house stuff. It's the changing schools and organizations that is sucking the time and life from me. New schedules all spaced just enough apart to allow me zero free time. I don't have a second to sit down or make any sort of headway on the massive amount I still need to do to prepare for Deluxe. So the Etsy shop will stay empty and the brick & morter shops I consign with will not be restocked before the new year.
This also means I am going to have to postpone the last four AB bags to the beginning of 2012. I just cannot spare the days (and days) I know it would take me to complete them, especially considering they are going to be much more in depth than anything we've done so far. I am not a quitter though, I will complete the book... just not this year!
Family always, always, always must come first.
Mr. A has a massive science fair project, we had better ace this thing.
Today we learn that little princess is barely pulling C's in all subjects. Not cool.
And Squirt is in a half day program, no full day spots open to new people. Two years in a full day program and now we're half day. Momma is not pleased. So... he is b-o-r-e-d after school and we're struggling to find a nice balance.
Here are a couple photos of the new space, hopefully I will be able to work today!

My girls have not one, but two shelves of their own! They make me happy :) 

 I fully expect this is a temporary bump in the road. Surely I can find a balance :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Console TV to Dog Bed

One of the many DIY-home-improvement-crafty sort of projects I took on before the move was this miraculous transformation, console tv to dog bed.
Inspired (as always) by the internets and enabled by the local Habitat Re-Store.
This beast of a television was only $4.00, what a steal!

 Thankfully I had not one, but two very handy menfolk to take the guts out for me :)

Now this is the part I didn't take photos of, I know... terrible. But very soon after we started filling the garage with boxes for the truck. I really didn't need to do anything to the front or the inside, the top however, was a scratched up mess. I ended up sanding it down and painting it a lovely dandelion yellow.
I also attached a piece of wood across the back at the bottom, to better hold a pillow... and so her little behind wouldn't slide out :)

Here we are in the new house with a dog INSIDE the television:

It was amazing how quickly she adopted this bed. I pointed, tossed her toy in, and there we go! It's her spot, in the middle of everything but no one is tripping over her bed. All very contained and cute :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fringed Hobo Bag - Complete!

Even though this bag made me cry I still love it. Love the funny shape and goofy ball fringe. Love that my husbands first thought of what to put in it was "records". Love that the prints totally work, those hexagons rock my world!

But alas, I did cry. That dang 9th step. The final step, after all the work (and let's be honest, money) that has been put into this project, was the most frustrating sewing I have ever done. Every single piece on this bag is interfaced and I used the fusible fleece on both exterior and lining, because of the mid-weight fabric. There was no freaking way I was going to be able to topstitch through ALLLLLL of that mess, not to mention we're sewing on a curve here. I attempted to do the topstitching, I really did, but it was so sad and wonky I ripped that right out.
So I just topstitched the top handle and left the rest to be just as puckery and funky as it wanted to be.

Because I did not topstitch the inside curve, that means I hand stitched the other side closed. Now you know I can hand stitch the hell out of a project so it looks pretty decent, considering. I'm sad to say I will probably not ever, never ever, ever, make this bag again. I could feel myself leaning into the darkness, wanting to chuck the whole mess in the trash.
Next month's bag looks fun, complicated as all get out, but fun!

I am still cranking out the monkeys, if anyone was worried...

Mini traditional red heel monkeys, super dee duper cute :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

August's Bag - Fringed Hobo Bag

I have been sooo looking forward to this bag! It looks like such fun :) No freaking idea what I will use it for, who carries around that much stuff? Anyways, I'm a fan of fringe and the shape is scary in a good way. I also have had the fabric picked out for this bag since the challenge began...

They are both from the Swoon collection by Melissa Averinos for Andover. Love the colors and crazy patterns. Like it doesn't go together, but it does!

Big print- exterior main
Hexagon- coordinating exterior
Yellow solid (yet to be purchased)- lining
Chocolatey brown ball fringe! Did I mention I'm really digging the fringe?

I'm picking up the last bits I need for this bag then I will unpack the Singer and get it done. Yes, the machine is still packed away... I am going through withdrawls.

July's Bag - Key Keeper Coin Purse

Helllloooo! Fully aware that this is the 15th day of AUGUST, I am going to proceed with July's AB post. We are still (!!) unpacking and settling in to the new house. Finding a place for all my things is making me really reach and use all my creativity :)
Soon I will have a full on house update complete with photos that won't cause me deep shame.

So, July blessed me with the easiest little bag evah. My sweet little girl called dibs and therefore picked out the fabrics. I'm sure it's holding chapstick, random earrings, and gum right about now.

She's so matchy matchy it kills. Ah well, you're only eleven once :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

And the winner is...

Randomly selected from the generator:

#4, OriginalRosie! Hopefully you'll see this and email me ( your contact info so I can send you this cute bag :)
Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments, I should have picked a topic to discuss... I really wasn't fishing for compliments! I am a work in progress.

Fingers crossed I can get to July's bag before August, it'll be a busy month!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teardrop Bag - Complete!

And we're halfway through the book! I really love this print, even more now. I think the stripes work well with the pleat and shape. So symmetrical! The yellow dot fabric is fun, definitely brightens up the whole bag. No problems with the pattern or instructions, overall a pretty darn easy bag. Lots and lots of clipping curves though, I'm still sweeping up little triangles!

Not sure which side I like best! Additional photos on Flickr.

So, as I mentioned last month, this bag is up for grabs! It's cute as heck and could be yours :)
Leave a comment to enter and I'll randomly choose the winner on Saturday, June 25th. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What a crazy couple of months! Too busy for my taste.
Now that my Mister has graduated and secured a job it's time for us to move. Not far, just 2 hours down the road but pretty major for our little family. New schools, new friends, new scout troops, and lots of new space. We took a day last month and headed down to look at a handful of houses, doing plenty of background research of course. Let's just say it was weird, way weird. From a buyers perspective, please PLEASE clean your house before potential buyers come to look. Ick.
But we found a shiny gem and are now waiting out the bank paperwork. Hopefully we can get moved before school starts in August! There goes our summer :)

In the meantime, I am taking Jessie's advice and cutting down my enormous stash of Eskimo Joe's shirts I've been collecting for a blanket. Huge space saver! All the extra t-shirt scraps make excellent rags.

And if anyone is wondering if I've completely abandoned my usual crafting fare, fear not! I am slowly working my way through my sock stash and getting ready to splurge on a wholesale account with one of my very favorite sock companies. Gotta get myself all stocked up before December's Deluxe :)

Above is one of two totes full of faceless monkeys. 
After last month's yo-yo experiment I have sorta kinda gotten hooked. Making yo-yos has replaced knitting as my favorite tv watching craft, heaven knows I have the scraps to work with!
These will be a pillow with the teal woodgrain print for the back, now to sew all 81 together. Bah.

I have also been helping Miss Violet on her house...

It's going to be epic. She has a lovely turquoise for the outer walls and a bright lime green for the gingerbread trim. So. Many. Little. Pieces.

Then there is this:

Yep, glasses. Squirt failed the simple eye test at his 6 year check-up and turned up to be farsighted with an astigmatism. And if the left eye doesn't catch up in six months they want to patch the right. Yikes.
Of course I am feeling extreme guilt and scheduled the other two exams, figuring it's better to check though I was sure neither had any issues (I'd know, right?!).
Well, Miss Vi is nearsighted. On the way home after picking up her new glasses she actually did the "Wow! I can see that sign! I thought it looked like that for everyone." So cliche!
So now I'm extra paranoid, following them around to make sure nothing gets broken. If it's not on your face, put it in your case. And I'm definitely going to find some inexpensive back up pairs asap.

Hoping in two months I have an awesome new house to show off and have made it through this summer in one piece.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June's Bag - Teardrop Bag

Now onto this month's Amy Butler bag! Teardrop Bag did make me want to shed a little tear when first flipping through the book. The strap seems awkward to me and overall it seems (to be blunt) a little pedestrian and boring for AB. Eh, what do I know... I sure as heck have been wrong before!
Continuing with my goal of using my stash, here are my fabrics:

First I have this random 1/2 yard of Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks that I bought forever ago. The stripes and size of print have made it pretty darn hard to find a project for, I'm going to use those to my advantage :) The yellow is Moda and the pink is a batik, looks red but is hotcha pink :) I'm using the cream for the pocket, just to lighten up the insides.

Brown/Pink/Yellow/Cream Print- exterior main
Yellow Dot- bands and handle
Pink- interior main
Cream- pocket

Back in a few days!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfectly Pleated Clutch - Complete!

Well, that wasn't bad at all! The pleating was very VERY satisfying. I'm a girl who likes to iron, especially batiks... oooh crispy and that distinct batik smell! I think the print started out random enough to stay random. I didn't measure the pleats, really now who has time for that. I love the lines of stitching holding all the pleats in place, that was very satisfying too.

 The strap I lengthened (based on other participants suggestions). It still reminds me of a tail.

The front was sooo boring and I couldn't find a brooch or pin that went with my colors so I broke out the ole yoyo makers. These three sufficiently jazzed up the front :)

AB is still off her rocker with the impossible to understand zipper instructions so I just put it in the way that works for me. Adding about 1.5" tabs on each end of the zipper helped.
How about that color matching on the zipper and band fabric?! Spot on.

I think this pretty little thing will be a present for someone :)
But June & July will be giveaways for sure so stay tuned!

Friday, May 13, 2011

May's Bag - Perfectly Pleated Clutch

I am not thrilled about this bag. I like the prints I have just the way they are and all this pleating is just going to fudge them up! I don't even care for AB's example bags, the dots are too clumpy to my picky eye. 
So, there's my complaining. 
I fussed back and forth which fabrics to sacrifice to the Perfectly Pleated Clutch for over an hour. Trying to keep the pleats in mind and not pick something with too much direction or pattern. 
My thinking is the more random the print to begin with the less weird the pleats will make it look in the end. 

So I went batik, nice and random :)

Purple/blue- outside pleated
Blue- outside bands and handle
Pink- lining

Might have to dig through the thrift store jewelry stash for a suitable brooch for the front. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Announcements

This past weekend my sweet husband graduated and started a new chapter in both our lives. He's been working on this degree for most of our married life and I'm so proud of him to have stuck it out!
Months ago when it was time to send out announcements he winced at paying big bucks for boring ones everyone else had.
I think I may have rubbed off on him :)
He wanted something that would sort of represent his degree, Computer Engineering. We brainstormed and came to the conclusion we HAD to use giant floppy discs.

 5 1/4" Floppy's were purchased off good ole eBay, new in the box! Super cheap... as they should be :)

Nice little sleeves. M wanted to actually put a file on the disk, like a map of OSU or something. We figured no one would have a computer to actually read these bad boys!

 Obviously we needed to cover up the 3M and get the actual announcement info on there somehow.

 So we got Pistol Pete from the campus media people and I whipped up this little sticker.

 Much better! We also used the lined stickers at the top corner to write the names of family/friend it was for.

 For the envelopes I made a quick run to the library book sale and found a programming manual for a computer not even made anymore. Lined stickers for the front address and yes, these require extra postage!

And a little custom sticker for the back return address. Perfectly old school :)
We were really happy how they turned out! And I think the sleeve could hold all sorts of other info like a map, tickets, or photo. And cheap, so so cheap.

I have no clue why the other two kids weren't in this... most likely hanging out with an aunt or uncle they rarely get to see.
And now onto more stressful things ~dum dum duuuuummmm~ MOVING! eep.