Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm in a funk... a rut... hit a dry patch on the ole creativity.
Usually I run through my favorite blogs, check out my numerous crafty crushes, or window shop on Etsy. I'm fine in a day or so. This spell has lasted a good 3 weeks and needs fixin fast!

I'm not one to whine or generally need sympathy from others. I'm logical, this too shall pass. But, MAN, do I need that *spark*... that burst of creativity that you just have to get out!

So here I am... stuffing socks to pass the time. I'm so out of it I didn't even bother to take a photo to jazz up this post. Lame!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cosmo Bag - Complete!

Hurrah! This enormous bag is labeled as "Easy". I think my seam ripper has a different opinion. At one point I was just about to sew the FINAL internal seam and realized I had put the handles on backwards. Oh yeah, backwards. I had looked at the photos over and over again and didn't see that my monstrosity looked... wrong! Duh. She cleaned up nice though, glad all my mistakes were on the inside :) 

SO. What I learned is to read and re-read every single direction. To look at every single picture/illustration and compare it to my work. To not assume that because I can sew, that I know how to do it without instructions. And I think I need to start talking out loud to myself, just to be sure :)

She sure is a pretty thing though! Perfect fabric for the main exterior if I do say so myself. I was hoping to make a dent in that particular piece of yardage, nope.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the bags in the book, even with my many mistakes I thoroughly enjoyed this pattern.
I don't however plan to keep most of these 12 bags!
Cosmo is going to live in Arizona with my sister, she's a knitter and if there was ever a bag for holding yarn... this is it.
I am sure there will many giveaways here over the coming year! Yay!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Adventures in Sewing :)

Happy New Year!

Our Christmas break has been wonderful :) Lots of cooking and eating, staying up super late, and lots of Netflix.

Needless to say I'm itching to get sewing again.
Thank goodness Miss Jemellia of JemJam is hosting a year long Bag Challenge!
Amy Butler's book Style Stitches has 12 chapters, one bag a month for 2011.

Join in the fun for one or two or twelve months :) I like to stay in my comfort zone so this will be a fun way to learn some new skills and challenge myself. I am also going to make myself use at much from my fabric stash as possible, I'm the first one to admit it's getting a little crazy in there :)
So here are my fabric selections for January's bag (the one on the cover):

The floral is a piece I picked up on clearance over 3 years ago (!) and haven't done a thing with. The black dot will be the coordinating print for the handles/button and the mustard is lining. I also picked up a still in the plastic bolt of fusible interfacing and used my 40% coupon at the local HobLob, the ladies hate it when I buy the whole bolt :)
I'll be back with a finished photo before the end of the month, hopefully!