Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Everyday Shopper - Complete!

February's bag is done and lookin pretty :)

Another big honkin bag! Much MUCH easier than the Cosmo. No curves, pleats, crazy handles that you put on backwards. Just straight seams and a motherload of interfacing :)
Love love love this IKEA canvas and I think the orange with lace works.
Left the lace on and added buttons, of course.

This is the first of the giveaways! If you feel like you could give this bag a good home leave me a comment and I'll randomly draw a winner on Friday. Make sure to add your email address so I can contact you.

Comments, comments, comments.... how about your favorite tv series, new or old. I have been spending lots of time with Netflix and the X-Files, the Mulder/Scully tension is starting to really heat up :)


Marci Girl said...

This bag turned out AWESOME! I love how you left the lace on, and added the buttons! So clever and the orange is the perfect highlight to the IKEA fabric! Great job!

As far as tv shows, my ultimate favorites include:
Lost, Little House on the Prairie, The Office, and Felicity just to name a few!

Heather said...

GORGEOUS job! (I have yet to cut mine! The shame, the shame!)

Favorite TV shows... Friends, Greys Anatomy, The West Wing, Ally McBeal.. oh I watch entirely to much DVR... I could go on for ages!

Digital Misfit said...

Fabulous bag - I LOVE that fabric combo, and the buttons are the perfect touch!

Fave shows - I am hooked on the Mentalist, and if you can, catch Simon Baker in his old series, The Guardian. It was a fantastic program that only lasted 2 seasons.
My guilty reality show pleasures are Storage Wars, Hoarders, and Heavy.

Anonymous said...

The bag is just adorable!!!

Firefly. West Wing. The L Word. Could watch these over and over!! In fact I just rewatched Firefly last weekend!! West Wing is just an amazing show!!

~April~ said...

I love the IKEA fabric!

My favorite TV show was The OC. Yes, it's silly, but I love it. Right now I'm watching Prison Break on Netflix and it's awesome!

aprilforshee at gmail dot com

glynis said...
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glynis said...

Love the bag (and the Coopers)! So glad I found you. I'm heading to IKEA soon...I see fabric purchases in my future. You did a great job!

Favorite Shows: LOST, Big Bang Theory, CSI the original, Being Human, Big Love....


liz said...

So cute! The lace and the buttons are my favorite part.

alparkhu said...

Such a cute bag! I only wish I had a sowing machine...and more time! Very cute!!

alparkhu said...

Oh and my email address is mandiparkhurst@cox.net

Adrian said...

Congrats Digital Misfit!

Marci Girl & Glynis- I'm a huge LOST fan (okay, insane fanatic)! I follow Jorge Garcia's blog and have a tendency to talk about him like I know him ;)

Heather- Just now have gotten into Grey's Anatomy, I know I know I'm late to the party.

Digital Misfit- Storage Wars is awesome!!

Michelle- Firefly FTW! Actually I'll take Nathan Fillion any way, any day :)

~April~- Love the OC! Seth Cohen, ahh!