Friday, April 15, 2011

April's Bag - Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover

 Alright! April's "bag" is the Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover. I must confess that I don't actually USE our checkbook very often and I'm pretty sure our checks have our address from 3 years ago. Whoops.
Nevertheless, I know it does not have a pretty cover. So here we go!

I am once again pulling fabrics from my stash.
Yes, I will admit to buying the country-iffic peachy chicken print. I thought I would go to the grave with those chickens! But here they are and they go fantastically with my lovely Japanese matryoshka doll print. The brown swirly with teal hearts is just perfect too, hoping I can line it up all fussy like for the flap :)

Matryoshka dolls- outside main
Brown swirly- outside flap
Peachy chickens you all are jealous of- inside print

I am going to be honest and say I am scared of those curves on the flap. And of the magnetic snap, this will be my second time using one of those and let's just say the first time was not so successful. Fingers crossed!


Bree said...

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine! I'm totally jealous of those Matryoshka dolls. LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

i know you are doing stuff out of a book, but have you thought about making these wallets?

i bet you could rock out some cute stuff!! i can't seem to find a wallet like this that i like (fabric wise).

Robin said...

What fun fabrics! They will make for an awesome checkbook cover. Can't wait to see it all put together. :)