Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover - Complete!

I gotta say this was easy, easy, easy!
Curves, no problem. Magnetic snap, no problem. All that danged interfacing, no problem.
I live for small projects like this. All the fabric requirements under 1/4 yard, heck yes!
Liked it so much I made two :)

If I had this to do over I would probably change the flap fabric, did not realize how prominent it would be!
I am thrilled with the backs though, so glad I went with the matryoshka dolls.

The insides.... Still a little eh on the flap fabric and chickens together, too too much going on.

I'm not saying I don't still love the chickens, I do really, but maybe a little less of them would have been better!
I learned and used a solid for those lining pieces...

Nice, right?! So cute. I am taking Michelle's advice and working on a wallet pattern of my own :) 

So, next month is the Perfectly Pleated Clutch, for reals this time! Still not looking forward to choosing fabric for this bag. Still predicting a train wreck!


Anonymous said...

these turned out cute and i'm glad you're going to design a wallet!! =)

Katie said...

These are ADORABLE. I gotta be honest, I don't really write checks, like ever, but if I did I would definitely want on of these! Really smashing job dear!

Bree said...

They turned out great!

Bree said...

I have featured your checkbook cover in my monthly inspiration post!

Trina M Curran said...

I think we are long lost vintage soul sisters. :) just found your blog...I'm a vintage girl at heart and I scour estates and thrift shops for vintage paper. Just now opening shop! Your checkbook covers are adorable!

JemJam said...

Oh, A, if you made a train wreck, it would still turn out awesome!!