Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Finds!

Ah, Spring! Around here that means Estate Sales. 
This weekend was particularly successful, the owner was an avid embroider and hankie collector.
I picked up so many lovely pieces, perfect for little aprons :) 

Souvenir hankies!  

This is a sweet little table runner with some pretty colorful birdies :) 

And this is my shopping buddy. Squirt found himself a velvet remnant he doesn't want to part with :)
No, doesn't want me to make him anything out of it, just leave it like it is so he can snuggle it.


Katie said...

That table runner is GORGEOUS. And the picture of your Lil' Bit is so cute, my daughter has developed a strange attachment to a dress I thrifted last month, I think I might just turn it into a cape for her.

Kristi said...

Wow, great finds. Those are all very cool!

Stela said...

I LOVE estate sale season! Those hankies are awesome!