Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfectly Pleated Clutch - Complete!

Well, that wasn't bad at all! The pleating was very VERY satisfying. I'm a girl who likes to iron, especially batiks... oooh crispy and that distinct batik smell! I think the print started out random enough to stay random. I didn't measure the pleats, really now who has time for that. I love the lines of stitching holding all the pleats in place, that was very satisfying too.

 The strap I lengthened (based on other participants suggestions). It still reminds me of a tail.

The front was sooo boring and I couldn't find a brooch or pin that went with my colors so I broke out the ole yoyo makers. These three sufficiently jazzed up the front :)

AB is still off her rocker with the impossible to understand zipper instructions so I just put it in the way that works for me. Adding about 1.5" tabs on each end of the zipper helped.
How about that color matching on the zipper and band fabric?! Spot on.

I think this pretty little thing will be a present for someone :)
But June & July will be giveaways for sure so stay tuned!

Friday, May 13, 2011

May's Bag - Perfectly Pleated Clutch

I am not thrilled about this bag. I like the prints I have just the way they are and all this pleating is just going to fudge them up! I don't even care for AB's example bags, the dots are too clumpy to my picky eye. 
So, there's my complaining. 
I fussed back and forth which fabrics to sacrifice to the Perfectly Pleated Clutch for over an hour. Trying to keep the pleats in mind and not pick something with too much direction or pattern. 
My thinking is the more random the print to begin with the less weird the pleats will make it look in the end. 

So I went batik, nice and random :)

Purple/blue- outside pleated
Blue- outside bands and handle
Pink- lining

Might have to dig through the thrift store jewelry stash for a suitable brooch for the front. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Announcements

This past weekend my sweet husband graduated and started a new chapter in both our lives. He's been working on this degree for most of our married life and I'm so proud of him to have stuck it out!
Months ago when it was time to send out announcements he winced at paying big bucks for boring ones everyone else had.
I think I may have rubbed off on him :)
He wanted something that would sort of represent his degree, Computer Engineering. We brainstormed and came to the conclusion we HAD to use giant floppy discs.

 5 1/4" Floppy's were purchased off good ole eBay, new in the box! Super cheap... as they should be :)

Nice little sleeves. M wanted to actually put a file on the disk, like a map of OSU or something. We figured no one would have a computer to actually read these bad boys!

 Obviously we needed to cover up the 3M and get the actual announcement info on there somehow.

 So we got Pistol Pete from the campus media people and I whipped up this little sticker.

 Much better! We also used the lined stickers at the top corner to write the names of family/friend it was for.

 For the envelopes I made a quick run to the library book sale and found a programming manual for a computer not even made anymore. Lined stickers for the front address and yes, these require extra postage!

And a little custom sticker for the back return address. Perfectly old school :)
We were really happy how they turned out! And I think the sleeve could hold all sorts of other info like a map, tickets, or photo. And cheap, so so cheap.

I have no clue why the other two kids weren't in this... most likely hanging out with an aunt or uncle they rarely get to see.
And now onto more stressful things ~dum dum duuuuummmm~ MOVING! eep.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A humble Kirby's Epic Yarn party

This past Saturday we had a little (really little) shindig for this kid:

Who is now SIX whole years old. We threatened him with everything in our arsenal to not grow up, to stop right there and stay five forever. Squirt politely explained that he just has to grow up :)

So we had a Kirby's Epic Yarn party at his request. This game is the Cutest of Cute, any crafty momma's dream come true, and a game I love love love to watch the kids play. It is "awwww" inducing cute.

That said, I realized that I am not clever or crafty enough to do it justice.
No way, no how, could I ever live up to this game.

I had several days of gloomy - I'm not a good enough mom to pull this off - he's going to be disappointed - I'm lazy and totally uncreative - SHAME. With everything else going on this month I just didn't have it in me (or in our budget) to have a "friend" party, so it was just family. And it's hard to rationalize going all out for just family.

We didn't have party favors or games. What we did have was cake (and cupcakes) and a helluva lot of streamers and balloons. I went old school and bought a cheap plastic Kirby off eBay for the top, not even the same game... shame.

The big cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting. I made all the little buttons out of Marshmallow Fluff Fondant, so they actually tasted good! The button tutorial I used is via Bake at 350.
And then piped very wonky stitching lines, in Kirby pink of course.  

Mini cupcakes are just chocolate with chocolate frosting, the button on top is freaking adorable. 

I agonized over the Club Nintendo website, registering games and answering questionnaires to earn enough points to buy the super cute Kirby Patches. I could have made my own, but again, lazy mom... shame.

I used a bunch of the super stiff felt sheets, which I wish came in more colors, and made his hat and stars.

This theme was too big for me though, an endless budget and loads more time would have made this a truly amazing party. But for a six year old I guess it worked out :)
Thankfully I took enough selective photos so maybe he'll remember it being more exciting!