Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfectly Pleated Clutch - Complete!

Well, that wasn't bad at all! The pleating was very VERY satisfying. I'm a girl who likes to iron, especially batiks... oooh crispy and that distinct batik smell! I think the print started out random enough to stay random. I didn't measure the pleats, really now who has time for that. I love the lines of stitching holding all the pleats in place, that was very satisfying too.

 The strap I lengthened (based on other participants suggestions). It still reminds me of a tail.

The front was sooo boring and I couldn't find a brooch or pin that went with my colors so I broke out the ole yoyo makers. These three sufficiently jazzed up the front :)

AB is still off her rocker with the impossible to understand zipper instructions so I just put it in the way that works for me. Adding about 1.5" tabs on each end of the zipper helped.
How about that color matching on the zipper and band fabric?! Spot on.

I think this pretty little thing will be a present for someone :)
But June & July will be giveaways for sure so stay tuned!


sarahbethe said...

Gorgeous! I'm just finishing up mine now. Your pleats look much straighter than mine do!

Bree said...

Gorgeous! I love the yo-yos, and that batik pleated beautifully.

Sandra :) said...

Oh heavens that's a gorgeous clutch! I came across the Flickr album, saw your photo and came over for a closer peek - it's just beautiful, and the yoyos are the perfect embellishment :) Nice Singer in the background too - those old girls are fantastic - I sew on a 1953 201 named Bella :D

Were the pleats a PITA to do? I have the book and keep passing by on that clutch because the pleats worry me - yours certainly look crisp and perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, beautiful! The little yo-yos do it for me!

I must have freak hands.. I did not need to lengthen that handle, it's a little roomy, even!

Wasn't this just the most fun to sew? I am making another!

Bree said...

I've featured your clutch in my monthly inspiration post!


TheaM said...

your zipper looks fantastic! what a great little bag.