Thursday, June 16, 2011


What a crazy couple of months! Too busy for my taste.
Now that my Mister has graduated and secured a job it's time for us to move. Not far, just 2 hours down the road but pretty major for our little family. New schools, new friends, new scout troops, and lots of new space. We took a day last month and headed down to look at a handful of houses, doing plenty of background research of course. Let's just say it was weird, way weird. From a buyers perspective, please PLEASE clean your house before potential buyers come to look. Ick.
But we found a shiny gem and are now waiting out the bank paperwork. Hopefully we can get moved before school starts in August! There goes our summer :)

In the meantime, I am taking Jessie's advice and cutting down my enormous stash of Eskimo Joe's shirts I've been collecting for a blanket. Huge space saver! All the extra t-shirt scraps make excellent rags.

And if anyone is wondering if I've completely abandoned my usual crafting fare, fear not! I am slowly working my way through my sock stash and getting ready to splurge on a wholesale account with one of my very favorite sock companies. Gotta get myself all stocked up before December's Deluxe :)

Above is one of two totes full of faceless monkeys. 
After last month's yo-yo experiment I have sorta kinda gotten hooked. Making yo-yos has replaced knitting as my favorite tv watching craft, heaven knows I have the scraps to work with!
These will be a pillow with the teal woodgrain print for the back, now to sew all 81 together. Bah.

I have also been helping Miss Violet on her house...

It's going to be epic. She has a lovely turquoise for the outer walls and a bright lime green for the gingerbread trim. So. Many. Little. Pieces.

Then there is this:

Yep, glasses. Squirt failed the simple eye test at his 6 year check-up and turned up to be farsighted with an astigmatism. And if the left eye doesn't catch up in six months they want to patch the right. Yikes.
Of course I am feeling extreme guilt and scheduled the other two exams, figuring it's better to check though I was sure neither had any issues (I'd know, right?!).
Well, Miss Vi is nearsighted. On the way home after picking up her new glasses she actually did the "Wow! I can see that sign! I thought it looked like that for everyone." So cliche!
So now I'm extra paranoid, following them around to make sure nothing gets broken. If it's not on your face, put it in your case. And I'm definitely going to find some inexpensive back up pairs asap.

Hoping in two months I have an awesome new house to show off and have made it through this summer in one piece.

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