Monday, August 29, 2011

Fringed Hobo Bag - Complete!

Even though this bag made me cry I still love it. Love the funny shape and goofy ball fringe. Love that my husbands first thought of what to put in it was "records". Love that the prints totally work, those hexagons rock my world!

But alas, I did cry. That dang 9th step. The final step, after all the work (and let's be honest, money) that has been put into this project, was the most frustrating sewing I have ever done. Every single piece on this bag is interfaced and I used the fusible fleece on both exterior and lining, because of the mid-weight fabric. There was no freaking way I was going to be able to topstitch through ALLLLLL of that mess, not to mention we're sewing on a curve here. I attempted to do the topstitching, I really did, but it was so sad and wonky I ripped that right out.
So I just topstitched the top handle and left the rest to be just as puckery and funky as it wanted to be.

Because I did not topstitch the inside curve, that means I hand stitched the other side closed. Now you know I can hand stitch the hell out of a project so it looks pretty decent, considering. I'm sad to say I will probably not ever, never ever, ever, make this bag again. I could feel myself leaning into the darkness, wanting to chuck the whole mess in the trash.
Next month's bag looks fun, complicated as all get out, but fun!

I am still cranking out the monkeys, if anyone was worried...

Mini traditional red heel monkeys, super dee duper cute :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

August's Bag - Fringed Hobo Bag

I have been sooo looking forward to this bag! It looks like such fun :) No freaking idea what I will use it for, who carries around that much stuff? Anyways, I'm a fan of fringe and the shape is scary in a good way. I also have had the fabric picked out for this bag since the challenge began...

They are both from the Swoon collection by Melissa Averinos for Andover. Love the colors and crazy patterns. Like it doesn't go together, but it does!

Big print- exterior main
Hexagon- coordinating exterior
Yellow solid (yet to be purchased)- lining
Chocolatey brown ball fringe! Did I mention I'm really digging the fringe?

I'm picking up the last bits I need for this bag then I will unpack the Singer and get it done. Yes, the machine is still packed away... I am going through withdrawls.

July's Bag - Key Keeper Coin Purse

Helllloooo! Fully aware that this is the 15th day of AUGUST, I am going to proceed with July's AB post. We are still (!!) unpacking and settling in to the new house. Finding a place for all my things is making me really reach and use all my creativity :)
Soon I will have a full on house update complete with photos that won't cause me deep shame.

So, July blessed me with the easiest little bag evah. My sweet little girl called dibs and therefore picked out the fabrics. I'm sure it's holding chapstick, random earrings, and gum right about now.

She's so matchy matchy it kills. Ah well, you're only eleven once :)