Saturday, September 24, 2011

These Days...

Let's just say moving has taken longer than expected. But it's not the moving, not the unpacking or the house stuff. It's the changing schools and organizations that is sucking the time and life from me. New schedules all spaced just enough apart to allow me zero free time. I don't have a second to sit down or make any sort of headway on the massive amount I still need to do to prepare for Deluxe. So the Etsy shop will stay empty and the brick & morter shops I consign with will not be restocked before the new year.
This also means I am going to have to postpone the last four AB bags to the beginning of 2012. I just cannot spare the days (and days) I know it would take me to complete them, especially considering they are going to be much more in depth than anything we've done so far. I am not a quitter though, I will complete the book... just not this year!
Family always, always, always must come first.
Mr. A has a massive science fair project, we had better ace this thing.
Today we learn that little princess is barely pulling C's in all subjects. Not cool.
And Squirt is in a half day program, no full day spots open to new people. Two years in a full day program and now we're half day. Momma is not pleased. So... he is b-o-r-e-d after school and we're struggling to find a nice balance.
Here are a couple photos of the new space, hopefully I will be able to work today!

My girls have not one, but two shelves of their own! They make me happy :) 

 I fully expect this is a temporary bump in the road. Surely I can find a balance :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Console TV to Dog Bed

One of the many DIY-home-improvement-crafty sort of projects I took on before the move was this miraculous transformation, console tv to dog bed.
Inspired (as always) by the internets and enabled by the local Habitat Re-Store.
This beast of a television was only $4.00, what a steal!

 Thankfully I had not one, but two very handy menfolk to take the guts out for me :)

Now this is the part I didn't take photos of, I know... terrible. But very soon after we started filling the garage with boxes for the truck. I really didn't need to do anything to the front or the inside, the top however, was a scratched up mess. I ended up sanding it down and painting it a lovely dandelion yellow.
I also attached a piece of wood across the back at the bottom, to better hold a pillow... and so her little behind wouldn't slide out :)

Here we are in the new house with a dog INSIDE the television:

It was amazing how quickly she adopted this bed. I pointed, tossed her toy in, and there we go! It's her spot, in the middle of everything but no one is tripping over her bed. All very contained and cute :)