Sunday, October 30, 2011

Le Sigh

I need some cheering up, folks.
I stumbled across a tutorial for one of my designs, something I've been making since 2007 (whoa baby!). Copied down to the tiniest detail. Feeling hurt and not a bit flattered.

I am seriously considering not making this particular item anymore, I'm not sure this is a reasonable reaction though. It's almost like it isn't mine anymore.

I do believe that it is hard to find a genuinely new idea out there in this big world, but copying someone's style and unique tweak is apparently easy as pie.

Hopefully this bummer of a mood won't cause me to eat all the mini Almond Joys in the house before tomorrow nights candy fest.

Additional thoughts, 11/28/2011
 I did end up sending the offending copier an email.
I'm sure it was full of emotion and was maybe a tad dramatic. It's not the end of the world, or even the worst thing a fellow crafter could do to another, I get that. Sadly her reply was less than remorseful, and honestly I was hoping for a little regret or a sorry at least. So, I'm still sour and prickly.
Maybe this is a cosmic hint that *I* need to evolve this particular pattern :)