Friday, December 23, 2011

Deluxe 2011!

I know I'm a bit late on this.
The DAY AFTER Deluxe I came down with a massive cold, I think my body was in some sort of defense mode and held it off till the show was over. I'm still sniffling and sneezing but thankfully the all day sleeping has let up!

The show was a great success (as always), it just gets better and better every year. And like every year I utterly failed to get any photos of anything but my booth before the doors opened. But lemme tell ya, it was a good show! There was a letterpress truck parked INSIDE the building! There was a DJ and at one point a breakdancing battle! A free photobooth, that I completely missed! And over 80 vendors with amazing handmade wares! (This is all to persuade you to attend next years event)

Onto the booth. I changed up my look and design entirely, to go with my new branding and website.
I love it, LOVE IT. It felt like summer... in the winter :)


This is a sign I whipped up for the top of my Sock Monkey stand (plant stand). I uploaded my new logo to Spoonflower and ordered a couple fat quarters. Talk about an invaluable service!

Can we talk about the genius of the internets real quick?!? I have been using bed risers (you know the ones, come in a set of four, very cumbersome) for the past few years to add height to the table. I personally like a tall table, it's awkward to bend over to look through a sellers items. Well, I found this PVC pipe leg extension tutorial online and it worked like a charm! Easy and sooooooo much easier to store/travel/set up. The legs look cleaner and I can have cute short tablecloths! I am a fan :) 

The pennant banner was a last minute project aimed to bring the whole thing together. The fabric is a thrifted sheet that matches my logo colors perfectly. Perfectly I tell you, I did a happy dance when I figured that out. 

The gigantic pom poms in the frame buckets was a last minute idea for hiding the unsightly cement we were pretty proud of, lots of little ones wanted to take them home :) 

 The basket of kitty cats was a big hit, all but one found a home!

Miss Violet begged and pleaded to get to help this year, she made it till about one.

This is Team Fried Okra for 2011. Vi, my beautiful sister Alli, and Mr. Fried Okra :)
The matching aprons and name tags are so sweet. Seriously, I would not even consider doing this show without help and these guys are the best kind of help. They know how to make change, and if you have ever seen me attempt to make change you would understand. 

Just before the doors open, see the line of people waiting to get in... they are singing Christmas carols :)

I came away from this years show with tons of great ideas on what direction to take my little business. Expanding focuses and tweaking designs. You can't beat one on one interaction with customers to show you where you need to go!
I will be back soon after Christmas to share some of the presents I whipped up after Deluxe. Yay for remembering to take photos BEFORE they were wrapped!