Friday, December 14, 2012

Deluxe 2012!

Great day out at the OK State Fairgrounds last Saturday!

Onto the booth photos (cause ya'll know I didn't take any others!):

 Okay, seriously bad photo. But it's the only FULL shot I had, you get what you get.
What exactly is the camera focusing on? The floor? Good grief.
And how huge is this space? I'm all spread out, easy to for shoppers to walk through and not feel like they're in a hallway (that's my theory anyways)... a 10'x20' is worth it in my opinion.

I guess I'm in a hatin kinda mood this morning, how wrinkly are my tablecloths?! Oy.
Table top looks cute though. And if you remember, I stuck with the same basic set up from last year... the tables work in those positions.

I ordered a literature holder from a retail supply online store to use as a pouch display. It was a great, no Perfect!, way to display these bags. I have never sold so many at a show, ever. 

Turning to your right and we have Monkey Central. Looking their best, hoping for a forever home!
And all but one of the Baby Mice found a home. That last mouse? He can stay right here with me :)

 Aaaand the Big Trout! She looks lovely here and now on my couch. I haven't decided if I will cut her up and use her for parts. So terrible!

 The Elephants were a big hit!

Actually I feel like everything was a big hit. I came away from Saturday's show with such a huge confidence boost! Sock Monkeys have been my shtick for so long it's nice to see the other things I LOVE to make getting attention :)

I'm already looking forward to next year!
Now to get the Etsy shop back up and running!
Exclamation points!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Deluxe 2012 is Tomorrow!

It is most definitely that time of year again!

Saturday December 8th, 2012!
OK State Fairgrounds, Centennial Building!
11-5 and FREE admission! 
All Handmade and loads of entertainment!

Sorry for yelling at all you fine folks :)
In addition to getting ready for the big show I had the chance to participate in the first ever OKC Coloring Book, put out by the lovely Deluxe ladies. I took the easy street and adapted my Gary England sketches from the Stitch-a-long project. Now you can color in your own super cells! The book is currently for sale at many local shops and will also be available at Deluxe on Saturday.

I am working right up to load-the-van time, so many little details. A couple last minute projects...

Oklahoma Pinbacks! Little and cute :)

And this beast! She will be stunning on the table. Yes, she is longer than my ironing board.

Behind her is my mountain of goods and display stuffs ready to go! Itsa gonna be a good show!

Hope to see some friendly faces... And if I don't know your face you should say, Hey! I read your crazy talk on the interwebz!
Then we would be real life friends :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mini Deluxe Preview aka Holy Smokes it's almost December!!!

I cannot believe it is November thefreaking29th.
Deluxe is on December 8th. Including the few hours left on today, I have 9 working days before the show! Eeek!

Thankfully most everything is done. I have just a few ideas I want to flesh out, those last minute brainstorms. What is that about anyways?! I always ALWAYS have some last minute kick ass idea. Where were you in August when I had time?


Some of the super cuteness I will have with me on the 8th...

 Gorgeous Sweater Elephant.

 Okie pouches!! And I'm super jazzed about the new display for my patchwork/embroidered/buttonified zipper pouches. It was such a forehead smacking moment, why didn't I think of that earlier!

 Pocket Sock Monkeys, a whole heap of them :)

Promise to post more Pre-Deluxe photos soon! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Show Recap

I wanted to share a few photos of my tent set up from Saturday's Plaza District Festival here in OKC. I am so so SO dang thankful we had a good tent with sidewalls because it rained all day long.
Talk about anxiety!

The one thing I agonized over the most in preparation for the show was the lighting. Closing was scheduled for 10pm and I needed an easy (cheap) way to light the 10 X 10 tent. Not finding many ideas online, other than track lighting, I decided to wing it. What ended up working the best was a two halogen bulb floodlight and two strands of c-9 Christmas lights. The floodlight had to be re-wired with an extension cord and mounted on a square of wood, by my better half of course :) Pointing the floodlight up helped diffuse the light and the Christmas lights helped to brighten up the edges. The festival closed down early so I only got to use my light setup for a couple hours but I found it very effective.

As we were packing up, I rushed to take a very bad photo.
 I also had to re-arrange the tables several times till we found a good set up... what works in the garage doesn't always work at the show!
Below is the first arrangement, before the rains really settled in and kept us inside, also a very bad photo.

 And here are a few awkward shots of the final (best) arrangement, less like a tunnel and much more inviting. Then, of course, photos of all the cuteness that was available!


Now, several days later, I can say I feel like it was an experience I NEEDED to have. Just hearing from others about doing outdoor shows really can't tell you if they are right for you and what you make. What you can handle, as far as stress goes, and where your target market shops.

Thank you to any who braved the drizzle and came out!
Now to prepare for Deluxe!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tomorrow! Plaza District Festival!

Just a quick reminder to all my OKC friends that tomorrow (Saturday the 29th) is the Plaza District Festival. The festival runs Noon - 10pm.

I am not my most comfortable at outside shows (too many variables!) so familiar faces would be lovely! I am also hoping to get good photos of my light system and do a lil post about doing an outdoor show at night.

We will have:

 Sweater Trout!!

 Sweater Kitties!

 Sock Monkeys!

 Mini Zips and Half Pints!

And all the other various Sweatery animals... Elephants, Tortoises, Puppies, oh my!

See you there!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Plaza District Festival!

Helllooooo everybody!
Less than a month away from the Plaza District Festival here in Oklahoma City!
We will be there with a nice selection of sweeties, most of which will be making their debut in the real world. Elephants, turtles, mice, kitties, pups and of course... monkeys :)
I also have a pretty awesome bunch of new embroidered pouches in two sizes.
I am making great progress (big shout out to the public school system!) and will be in No Stress mode by Sept 29th. I will do another post with pictures closer to the date, so please put it on your calendars now!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This post use to be titled 'Distractions'

I have been a bit distracted lately... heck, I'm always distracted.
And when I say distracted I think I mean: Life.
Fried Okra and all it's projects are not always my 100% focus, nor should it be. Thinking about it, I start a lot of posts like this... apologizing for not being "productive" on the FO front. That is lame.
My productivity is where it should be... and that is where ever it lands on that particular day.
I need to stop apologizing :)

We've been doing a lot of this:

 For those not in the know, this is called "Thundering Up". OKC Thunder, Best in the West, baby!

I got bitten (re-bitten) by the quilting bug and have two quilt sandwiches waiting to be quilted. Finding a walking foot for my old straight stitch Singer was tedious and I ended up purchasing online. I am pretty sure they are using Pony Express to get it here. Trying not to loose momentum and start another project before I can get these two finished.

 This one is 80 x 80 and there are no repeating prints. I had Little Bit help with block position as I found myself trying to put too much thought into it. My goal with this one was to do it fast and dirty. Not put too much time into it because I never really want to use those quilts! I have the few that I have actually completed and they are at the bottom of the cedar chest. I spent a lifetime working on them and I'll be damned if they get messed!
So stupid.

 Then there is this beast. I didn't do much measuring (or adequate sewing looking at those wrinkles) or planning. Again, fast and dirty. BECAUSE I didn't plan or measure, this thing is 108 x 108. I had to buy a king sized batting. Kids, plan and measure.
But the only fabric I purchased was the gray tonal that acts kind of like sashing. Yay for using from the stash! Bedsheets from my thrift store stash for the backings. 

Waiting patiently :)

Finally there is this:

Yes, a haircut. I realize how minor haircuts are in 99% of families but we are so unbelievably boring that this is a big deal. His hair has looked like it did on the left for his whole 7 years on this planet. But, because Squirt has very minor sensory issues the hair is gone. His hair was driving him crazy, just how it touched his face. We also have toe separators for when his toes are touching too much.
Oh I'm telling you, I hate it. I hate hate hate his hair short.

I will be posting my before and after foot photos on Flickr... for those who like gnarly scars :)
We don't need feet on this blog.
I'm off to be distracted/productive!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just thought I'd pop in and share some of what I have finished up in the last few weeks! April is always so hectic around here, it's a miracle anything was accomplished.
Here are the highlights, all these things were sweaters or other various clothing:

Turtles completed = 17  

Baby Mice completed = 15

Elephants completed = 12

 Kitties completed = 4
Puppies completed = 3

That puppy was once a hideous sweater with a gigantic cowl neck, much MUCH better!

Now, what to do with them! That's right folks, I don't have a plan. I tend to do things backwards.
I could dust off the Etsy shop... Consign with a shop... or stash them away for Deluxe.
What to do, what to do. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Down Time

I have been doing a whole lot of sitting. With my foot elevated. So tedious. I have threatened to host a little bonfire when this whole ordeal is over to burn this effing boot.... but as my mother warned, I may need it for the other foot eventually. Blergh.

I am so glad I did all that prep sewing! I have quite a few Sweater Plush completed and totes full almost done. Turtles, Elephants (A!), and Mice are in the works. See evidence, tote of Turtles:

We have had lots of visitors, which is always fun and helps keep the kids from staging a revolt. OJ actually broke down crying this morning because I couldn't take him to the store, "I hate your foot" he bawled.
Sorry your Spring Break sucks, kid.
Crossing my fingers for good news tomorrow when the stitches come out, allll thirteen of them. :)

Vi and I have picked up working on her dollhouse she received for her birthday LAST year, only 27 days till the one year mark. Thank goodness she is content to spend her Spring Break sleeping in, reading books, and painting trim pieces.

Everyone, go take a long walk around the block for me! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cat Shelves

Yes. Cat Shelves.
Sometimes I get restless and any little idea that blows past me becomes an I HAVE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW!!! kind of project. It must be more than a little irritating to my sweet husband who I'm sure had plans of his own this weekend. But now I feel better, it's out of my system. I think everyone needs a good old fashioned diy project every once in a while. Hit up the hardware store and crack open the stain, let's get this done.

Basically what we have here are shelves specifically for cats. For them to perch on, sleep on, and use to climb up to the ultimate sleep spot... the top of the china cabinet. Four wood shelves with simple corner braces, keeping it cheap. I picked up a sweet orange/pink/brown houndstooth remnant at the local fabric shop and whipped up cushions for the shelves. In the process attaching velcro to the bottom of the cushion and top of the shelf to keep them from sliding off onto the floor every other breath. Then of course I got stingy with the rest of that sweet fabric and made the tippity top cushion out of leftover pink fleece. It's soooo high up there, no one would see it... right? Wrong. I may end up making a new one if that pink starts to bug me.

Of course I had to go find a cat to put on the shelf for the photo, they haven't exactly explored their new space yet. I have hope, who could resist such a fun napping space?!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I've Been Up To, Part Deux...

The break has obviously not run it's course. I am still tinkering and sampling, feeling flighty.
My days are still so randomly hectic and scattered concerning the children and their schedules. School, doctors, dentists, sports, band, blah blah blah. And now I have an upcoming bump in the road that will be a bother for who knows how long. I am finally going to have surgery on my foot and the recovery is anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. No driving, but more troubling is the no sewing machine until it is fully recovered. This has me anxious! I am in super prep mode, trying to get done all the machine sewing I want and save the hand sewing for those weeks I am out.

SO! Lovely readers, if you don't mind giving me your opinion on these two elephants:
Elephant A
Made from sweaters, jointed limbs, scrap yarn tail, and button eyes.

Elephant B
Made from a pair corduroy pants, cotton circus print, jointed limbs, yarn tail, and button eyes

And the two together... 
Elephant A is much larger than her friend and doesn't stand on her own very well. Elephant B's head to body seam is very puckery but I'm sure I could improve on that. 

I love them both, they are special little snowflakes in their own way, but I am in need of only one elephant.

Then there is this:

Him I could eat with a spoon! This little fella has been a big hit at the Mix household. Several requests and at least one showed up in time for Valentine's Day.

{More photos of all three on the Flickr}