Tuesday, January 24, 2012

September's Bag - Blossom Handbag

 September's bag was the Blossom Handbag/Shoulder bag. I was dreading this bag the most on a skill level, so professional! The little handle bits especially freaked me out. Though I'm happy to say it wasn't really all that bad! I might even consider making this again... it is a really great size for showing off fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics! I chose with the recipient in mind :)
Technically from my stash, though they were recently purchased... the stash is ever growing! I ended up not using the black dot print for the interior as I had intended, I felt it might just be tooo dark. So, I went with a basic cream solid for the dividers and used the pink balloons for the lining. I also used a grey twill for the bottom outside panel.

And here we are complete! On an overcast day! I am really pleased with how it turned out, even the tricky handle bits. I had to watch the print directionality and repeating pattern, I am glad I had had my coffee when I cut into the fabric.

The only irritating moment I had with this pattern was step 17(c) where she wants you to bar tack through 8 layers of fabric, 4 layers of fusible interfacing, and 2 layers of peltex. Now I know my machine is old (ahem, vintage) but Holy Smokes. I ended up having to do that bit by hand, puncturing my poor finger through my thimble. Overall though, not bad!
Next up is the Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag!


annotations said...

What a beautiful job and fantastic gift! Glad you stuck with it but sorry you stuck your finger. Ouch! Guess we all sacrifice a little for our art.

averie said...

SO cute! love it.

Robin said...

Looks beautiful! You did a great job. I'm thinking about making another too, because you are so right-- it is a great showcase for a beautiful fabric! (And I like the size of it too!) :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your bag! The print is wonderful, and it came out so great!