Wednesday, February 1, 2012

November's Bag - Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag

I like this bag, I really do. It has oodles of character and will definitely impress when you say "I made it!". The size is huge but that is what I've come to expect with these Amy Butler bags. It's huge but pretty narrow (3.5"), like I could see it being super handy for those needing to tote around a bunch of canvases. 
I opted for the large size as it's only 3" bigger than the small and I had the yardage to spare.

 The black/cream print I picked up forever ago. It's cool but the print is soooo big. I could not find anything (with the required 1 yard) in my stash that would coordinate for the ruffle/handle. So I hit up OK Quiltworks and Jemellia helped me whisper out the fun purple print. The creams match perfectly, that ended up being the biggest problem... finding a match for that shade of cream. Oh, the problems in my life!! I used a solid cream for the lining because anything darker and you'd need a lantern to see the bottom.

 I snapped this photo when I realized my bag would not be perfect. I don't know if reading the directions through more than once would have helped or not. I have to actually DO the step for it to really register what is going on. Anyways, my clipping of curves went a little too deep. If I had not been in such a rush (and if it didn't mean another trip to the store) I probably would have cut/sewn a new set of handles. And I just might end up doing just that sometime when I am feeling adventurous.

And here we are! I like it, I'm not overjoyed though.
I think I would like ANY bag using that purple print, it is really fantastic. I can't tell you why I'm not 100% in love, just something. Probably the messy handles.

On the ruffle, I didn't even attempt AB's instruction. My ancient (ahem, vintage) machine likes a certain setting for stitch length and I know how to gather a ruffle by hand. It just seemed easier. 


After this bag and the embarrassing handles I am hesitant to make the last bag. Confidence is a little shaky. Maybe I will just slow down and take my time with it... I'm thinking turquoise for the main solid and something super fun for the petals. 

I am currently sewing up some fun sweater animals, an elephant and turtle to be specific :) 
Have a lovely Wednesday!


Sourkraut said...

You are forging ahead in this book to patterns I'm too scared to try. I don't think your wonky handles are at all noticeable unless your pictures are hiding it nicely. I think you picked fantastic fabrics for it and hope you are at least pleased enough with your statement bag to use it. Good luck with the next one if/when you talk yourself into tackling it!

annotations said...

LOVE your fabric choices and great job!

Robin said...

What an awesome print! This bag really is a wonderful way to feature it, and the purple accents look divine. Try and remember: finished is better than perfect! :)

You've nearly got me inspired enough to get my Miss Maven started now. Thank you!!!

chrysalis1975 said...

love the fabric choices!! Purple is my favourite colour :) You are so awesomely talented, it's such a lovely handbag!


Jemellia H said...

Wow! You do great work, girl! I love it!

Bianca Grove said...

The black/cream print makes for a spectacular design! It adds a classic touch to the bag. And the purple fabric complements it very nicely. Your bag is gorgeous! :)