Thursday, June 14, 2012

This post use to be titled 'Distractions'

I have been a bit distracted lately... heck, I'm always distracted.
And when I say distracted I think I mean: Life.
Fried Okra and all it's projects are not always my 100% focus, nor should it be. Thinking about it, I start a lot of posts like this... apologizing for not being "productive" on the FO front. That is lame.
My productivity is where it should be... and that is where ever it lands on that particular day.
I need to stop apologizing :)

We've been doing a lot of this:

 For those not in the know, this is called "Thundering Up". OKC Thunder, Best in the West, baby!

I got bitten (re-bitten) by the quilting bug and have two quilt sandwiches waiting to be quilted. Finding a walking foot for my old straight stitch Singer was tedious and I ended up purchasing online. I am pretty sure they are using Pony Express to get it here. Trying not to loose momentum and start another project before I can get these two finished.

 This one is 80 x 80 and there are no repeating prints. I had Little Bit help with block position as I found myself trying to put too much thought into it. My goal with this one was to do it fast and dirty. Not put too much time into it because I never really want to use those quilts! I have the few that I have actually completed and they are at the bottom of the cedar chest. I spent a lifetime working on them and I'll be damned if they get messed!
So stupid.

 Then there is this beast. I didn't do much measuring (or adequate sewing looking at those wrinkles) or planning. Again, fast and dirty. BECAUSE I didn't plan or measure, this thing is 108 x 108. I had to buy a king sized batting. Kids, plan and measure.
But the only fabric I purchased was the gray tonal that acts kind of like sashing. Yay for using from the stash! Bedsheets from my thrift store stash for the backings. 

Waiting patiently :)

Finally there is this:

Yes, a haircut. I realize how minor haircuts are in 99% of families but we are so unbelievably boring that this is a big deal. His hair has looked like it did on the left for his whole 7 years on this planet. But, because Squirt has very minor sensory issues the hair is gone. His hair was driving him crazy, just how it touched his face. We also have toe separators for when his toes are touching too much.
Oh I'm telling you, I hate it. I hate hate hate his hair short.

I will be posting my before and after foot photos on Flickr... for those who like gnarly scars :)
We don't need feet on this blog.
I'm off to be distracted/productive!