Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Show Recap

I wanted to share a few photos of my tent set up from Saturday's Plaza District Festival here in OKC. I am so so SO dang thankful we had a good tent with sidewalls because it rained all day long.
Talk about anxiety!

The one thing I agonized over the most in preparation for the show was the lighting. Closing was scheduled for 10pm and I needed an easy (cheap) way to light the 10 X 10 tent. Not finding many ideas online, other than track lighting, I decided to wing it. What ended up working the best was a two halogen bulb floodlight and two strands of c-9 Christmas lights. The floodlight had to be re-wired with an extension cord and mounted on a square of wood, by my better half of course :) Pointing the floodlight up helped diffuse the light and the Christmas lights helped to brighten up the edges. The festival closed down early so I only got to use my light setup for a couple hours but I found it very effective.

As we were packing up, I rushed to take a very bad photo.
 I also had to re-arrange the tables several times till we found a good set up... what works in the garage doesn't always work at the show!
Below is the first arrangement, before the rains really settled in and kept us inside, also a very bad photo.

 And here are a few awkward shots of the final (best) arrangement, less like a tunnel and much more inviting. Then, of course, photos of all the cuteness that was available!


Now, several days later, I can say I feel like it was an experience I NEEDED to have. Just hearing from others about doing outdoor shows really can't tell you if they are right for you and what you make. What you can handle, as far as stress goes, and where your target market shops.

Thank you to any who braved the drizzle and came out!
Now to prepare for Deluxe!!