Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mini Deluxe Preview aka Holy Smokes it's almost December!!!

I cannot believe it is November thefreaking29th.
Deluxe is on December 8th. Including the few hours left on today, I have 9 working days before the show! Eeek!

Thankfully most everything is done. I have just a few ideas I want to flesh out, those last minute brainstorms. What is that about anyways?! I always ALWAYS have some last minute kick ass idea. Where were you in August when I had time?


Some of the super cuteness I will have with me on the 8th...

 Gorgeous Sweater Elephant.

 Okie pouches!! And I'm super jazzed about the new display for my patchwork/embroidered/buttonified zipper pouches. It was such a forehead smacking moment, why didn't I think of that earlier!

 Pocket Sock Monkeys, a whole heap of them :)

Promise to post more Pre-Deluxe photos soon!