Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trophy Trout!

I am SUPER excited about these lovely fishes!
Once again I have figured out how to combine all the details, all my sewing skills in one project (ie how to make them way complicated and time consuming).

It's a Sweater Trout...
There are hand stitched hexagons in fantastic little prints...
Awesome button eyes and embroidered mouth...
There was sanding and staining and drilling and hammering involved... 
I got to problem solve how to attach a stuffed fish to a wooden board (!!)...

I swear, the more complicated the project is the more I LOVE it. I just hope other people love it too :)

These five Trophy Trout are listed on Etsy:

 Guys. That is most definitely a Girl Scout uniform button for the eye.

 I use this pink and pink stripe wool sweater so sparingly. I want to make it last forever!

 Just that face! He's sweet :)

 Truly an individual, she's actually swimming the other way :) 

 All the colors!

I hope to bring some Trophy Trout to craft shows, if I can figure out how to display them of course. I feel a Pinterest board coming on :)