Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's January!

And I last updated here in July! So bad. But I've just not been feeling the blogging, it happens.
Today I plan to just share a few photos of what's been going on in Fried Okra land these past 6 months. A lot of the same, but in great numbers :)

 I had to start getting ready for Deluxe earlier than usual this year as it was a TWO day show, that kept me up nights trying to figure those numbers. Everything worked out great with a 1 1/2 of previous years shows numbers.

Hippos were a BIG hit! I hope to get a good number made soon to list on Etsy.

Froggy dolls with boots make me insanely happy :)

 Dwight D. Eisenhowler sold before we even got to the show.

 Full of Sweater Trout!

 My absolute favorite pouch this year, and it's still available in the shop!

 Lil Elephant tails are the sweetest.

 Two day show, new venue, same crap photos!

 Husband and I did get our caricatures drawn at the show, so awesome!

My pretty elephant was included in Oklahoma Today's marketplace section. She's in good company!

My sweet nephew turned one this month and I stitched him some Silverstein, as we do :) 

 And a custom order finished this week, I am just thrilled with it. Lots of good cat prints here :) 

A local shop I consign with requested another giant Sweater Trout for display, as the first one sold fairly quickly (what?!). He's a big fellow :)

It may take me another 6 months to stop back in here but you can always catch me over at the Etsy shop, the Facebook, and email me with questions or comments! 


tsumerox5721 said...

OMG these plushies are so cute!!! >< said...

Wow, these are really beautiful, you did wonderful job here. I wish I could make it as well. Can you share tutorial with us on how to make it?

Yaruna said...

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