Fried Okra

     I started Fried Okra back in 2007. Our youngest was 2 years old and a record-breaking nap taker. I took advantage and dove headfirst into a lifelong obsession with crafting. I was inspired by how happy and full my life was. Married to the most wonderfully goofy guy I have ever met, raising our 3 sweet kids, and chasing our ornery beagle off the sofa. Who could ask for more! 
When we moved our family back to Oklahoma, my Etsy shop took off and doors opened.

    Sock Monkeys. Never ever would I have thought I would become a toy maker, especially with a medium like socks! But they poured out of my fingers, easily the most natural craft I have ever attempted. Certainly much more natural than my attempt at crochet! The colors and patterns of socks are inspiring. How can something as beautiful as a pink and purple argyle sock live it's life stuffed in a shoe. It's a thrill to turn something with so much personality already into a sweet faced lovable Sock Monkey. I thoroughly enjoy making such a beloved, traditional toy but in my own distinct style. 
    My fabric stash has grown (and grown!) and my line of products has ebbed and flowed. I experiment with my love affair of patchwork and quilting. I love piecing fabric, I love using every last little bit and putting unexpected prints and colors together. I do not however love finishing an actual quilt; I have at least four quilt sandwiches in various stages of completion. 

  When my beloved Grandmother (a true craftaholic) passed I inherited her massive button collection, bits of trims, and embroidery patterns. I am hopeless now, completely over the edge in love with creating and making. 

  Making toys using recycled materials is something that has become a passion in the past few years. It gives my heart great joy to re use something and we all know the thrill of thrifting is hard to beat! 

  Sometimes things get out of hand :)

    Through this process of discovery (oooh embroidery! ahhh buttons!), I have naturally stitched out my own style. Really great prints, unique buttons, salvaged materials with life still left in them. Always involving color, thoughtful stitching, unexpected texture, and lots of character.

We live in the Great State of Oklahoma with our three kids, two cats, one wiggly beagle, and our lazy bones greyhound.